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Hi, my name is Lucie!


I'm a floral designer, flower lover, and design enthusiast! I have been designing with several, Plano, McKinney, and Carrollton businesses for over 7-years and I am still loving every minute of it!

After graduating from Texas Tech University in 2004, I entered the oil & gas industry. It took me 10 years of sitting behind a desk to realize that I needed a change! My inner flower child was screaming to come out and I decided that it was time for me to live my dream and dedicate myself to floral designer. Throughout my life, I have always been creative, even crafting mums and garters in high school for my friends at homecoming. I have studied art and design for over 20 years and am always researching and staying up to date on current trends. I am passionate about my vision to help brides create their dream weddings at an affordable price. Even a frugal bride can look like she spent a million bucks!

Themed Floral Collections

Choose your theme, choose your colors, we walk you through the rest!

Custom Floral Design

Specialty flowers and additional customization is available on all of our collections. 

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